International Montessori School

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    29-31 Queen's Road East

    Wan Chai

    Hong Kong

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This school, which opened in September 2002, was founded by a group of parents keen to combine a child-centred learning environment with a high quality academic program. It offers a Montessori kindergarten and primary education for children between the ages of 3 and 9 years, extending to children up to 12 years in 2003-2004. Classrooms and teaching are set up to enable pupils to actively engage in the learning process. Diversity is embraced with respect for different cultures and values part of the school's central vision.

Each class is staffed by two teachers, at least one of whom is an internationally certified Montessori teacher. The school has also set out to provide a bilingual environment for its pupils, with one teacher a native English speaker, the other a native Putonghua speaker. In addition, Putonghua is offered through daily small group sessions. The ratio of students to staff is no more than 12:1.