Singing Lessons in Hong Kong

Thinking about taking your singing skills from the comfort of your shower to the mainstage? No matter whether you’re a beginner just looking to get some basic skills or a professional trying to hone your voice, AsiaXPAT has a directory of the leading vocal coaches and private music classes here in Hong Kong. Each of these contacts can improve your vocal skills from the ground up and give you the opportunity to explore a whole new level of creativity with far more confidence.


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Since being founded in 1999, AsiaXPAT has grown to encompass several different services. One of which is our expansive online directory which includes businesses from all fields, including singing lessons. As the middleman, AsiaXPAT won’t take any commission or charge and extra fees for using our directory.

Find exactly what you need

Along with including all the necessary contact details for the best music classes here in Hong Kong, we have written a short description for each one to describe what their singing lessons can do for you. Perhaps you want an instructor that specialises in rock, or jazz, or maybe even one that isn’t too far away from home. With countless years of experience on teachers from both local and international backgrounds, these private music classes have what you need to stand out from your peers in Hong Kong.

Whatever your requirements are, we’re sure you can find what you need on our directory. From there, simply contact the coaches directly and get started organising your singing lessons!