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Private Native English Communications Instructor
(Babies/Toddlers--> Adults/ Business

Private English Communications Instructor
Primary / Secondary / College

I am a Native English Private English Communications Instructor with over 20 years experience teaching students from all over the world. I specialise in all areas of English and essay writing. As a first-degree graduate from the University of Leeds, I come with over 10 years experience teaching in Hong Kong at both local and international school levels from primary education to college.

I have previously worked and coached students in London, Malaysia, New York, Hong Kong , Macau and Mainland China My students have all excelled, gained confidence and life-long techniques to assist them through their academic lives and beyond. Older students have gone on to private schools in the US and U.K, attending Oxford, Cambridge, NYU, Brown, LSE, Parsons amongst many others.

I currently have a couple of positions vacant for the New Year.

Sessions are one-to-one and tailored to the student and their specific needs.

Covering the following areas
– Blending words and sounds (Kindergarten)
– English Language & Literature
– College & University Essays
– Public Speaking
– Presentation Skills
– Discussion / Debate and Essay
– Essay Strategy
– Accent reduction
– Pronunciation and Enunciation

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Baby Sign Language Classes (British Sign)

For babies aged 2 months – 24 months.

Private & Small Group Classes

“ By giving your child the gift of sign language as an early communication tool, s/he will be able to communicate to you more effectively than with speech and gesture alone. Sign provides language opportunities in a tactile, kinesthetic, and visual modality…presenting vocabulary and language in a way increases the child’s ability to learn…and its FUN!!!”
Baby Sign is a fun and fantastic way to communicate and connect with your little ones, enabling a unique bonding experience whilst opening up the opportunities for your little one to communicate across the board.

Benefits of Baby Sign
– Develop a varied and increased level of communication
– Develop understanding and confidence, which has shown to help baby's/toddlers when they head into school and start learning to read, write and speak
– Develop their fine motor skills
– Increases visual attention and joint attention skills
– Helps lessen the anguish and tantrums when your baby/toddler is unable to speak full sentences.
– Fun way to bond with your little one

Our baby sign practitioner has been signing since she was 5 years old and is a qualified BSL (British Sign Language) instructor/interpreter and baby sign instructor. With over 25 years of signing, she is able to take participants through the program with ease in a fun and engaging way.

There are currently 5 slots available for one-to-one sessions, small group sessions (maximum 5 participants).

Baby Sign course includes a selection of nursery rhymes and a handbook with all the signs.

The course is open to: -
- Helpers / Minders / Nannies
- Dads
- Mums
- Other care givers

Please contact our practitioner at for queries and to arrange a trial session.

Native English Communications Instructor

For Business Professionals

Native English Speaker from London.
Catering towards business professionals and those who would like to see significant improvements in a tailored program developed for you specifically.

Specialising in women in the work place, those professionals who experience nervousness and fear, high calibre CEO’s and Senior Management and those looking to improve their communication skills for a promotion or career move.

As a professional coach I come armed with over 15 years experience teaching, coaching and training in a professional capacity. Working with CFO’s, CEO’s, Upper Senior Management, and Middle Management across the Financial Industries, Telecoms, Large Scale to Boutique Corporate companies and Hospitality and Private Educational Institutions, SME’s and Private High Caliber individuals.

Sessions are discreet, private and one-to-one unless specified.

I cover the following areas: -

– Business English – Written, Spoken, Reading, Listening
– Conversational English – Written, Spoken, Reading, Listening
– Presentation and Pitch Coaching
– Public Speaking and Speech Writing
– Engagement
– Accent reduction
– Strategy and Navigating Negotiation, Difficult Work Place Situations and Scenarios
– Pronunciation and Enunciation
– Preparing for a Public Speaking Engagements - Personal and Professional
– Media Training

Previous Clients Include:-

Haitong International, The Nasdaq, PwC, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Deliotte, Bloomberg, Nomura, Standard Charter, Chanel, French Chamber, British Consulate, Korean Embassy, Private Universities, Private Banking and Hedge Fund Sectors, Luxury Industries

British, American and International English are all adhered to.

Please contact for queries and to arrange a trial session.