Cantonese / Mandarin Tuition

I’m an experienced language tutor in teaching Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese for years. I have a Master degree in Teaching Chinese as International Language(Mandarin oriented) and a certificate of Level 1 in Japanese Proficiency Test.

If you have just arrived at Hong Kong and want to learn Cantonese for daily use. I can provide a short term curriculum with Cantonese phonetic system(Jyutping or Yale). It will let you picking up Cantonese easily. For business purpose, I recommend you learn Mandarin.

HKD250(1h/1 person)
HKD350(1h/2 person)

I'm also familiar in Level N3-N5 of Japanese Proficiency Test. Any local or expatriate who wants to learn one more language for travel or business, I can offer elementary and intermediate Japanese tutorial lesson in your office or home. I have been a secretary of Japan-based companies over 10 years. If you need a freelance interpreter for a meeting or doing some translating works for trading contract or emails etc., you can also contact me for the charges(it depends on the job nature and hours).

WhatsApp: 63194919