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College Application Essay Tutoring

The Unique Challenge of College Admissions Essay Writing
College admissions essay editing and writing can pose a unique challenge for candidates who have not had to write a college or university-level essay before. While many schools teach A-Levels or IB, there is a step up in admissions essay writing for colleges that few schools effectively prepare candidates for.

Students are required to understand effective essay structuring and use strong evaluative language. With candidates for whom English is their second language, this can be especially difficult. While schools teach to their exam schemes and subjects the student has been exposed to, college admissions essay writing is often an unknown that uses bespoke questions crafted by the universities to challenge a student’s writing and general knowledge.
Unfortunately, the potential breadth of these essays is what lets a lot of candidates down as they feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to write.

While we are not a college application essay writing service, a BartyED college application essay tutor works individually with applicants to ensure that they are most fully equipped to meet the unique requirements of college application essay writing.