Ms C

Ms C has had six years of experience teaching IB Psychology and IB History, as well as IGCSE History at leading learning institutions across HK. As a native English speaker with an international background, she has also had thorough experience in teaching IELTS, CEE and General English. All of her students show positive improvement and results. Many of those who graduated from international secondary schools excelled in their subjects and have gone on to top-tier universities around the world - and they still keep in touch!

Her teaching style is fun and engaging as her goal is to ensure students have both an enjoyable and enriching learning experience with her. Ms C is a strong believer in connectedness and open communication and strives to help her students both inside and outside the classroom by encouraging them to ask questions and seek help when needed.

Her expertise lies in IB Psychology and IB/IGCSE History exam preparation and techniques, IB Psychology and IB/IGCSE History syllabi content knowledge (including IA and EE guidance), General English reading comprehension and formal/informal writing, effective essay writing (all levels), CEE preparation and IELTS practice.