00 A Bespoke Education: Passion for Language

00 A Bespoke Education: Passion for Language

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My name is Louise and I run the educational consultancy Passion for Language (est. 2011). We offer academic tuition to homes across Hong Kong and all of our classes are led by high-calibre tutors who understand the unique learning requirements of the individual student.

I work closely with my tutor team and their students by monitoring and assessing student progress on a weekly basis to make sure that we are achieving our learning goals and that both tutor and student feel motivated and excited by the progress they are making together.

We teach across all curricula (HK/US/UK/AUS) and academic subjects and work with students from every age group. Some of our students are as young as three years old while our oldest ones are putting their finishing touches on their university applications to the US and UK. For those families who require SEN support, my team also works to help students who might be struggling at school because of autism, AD(H)D, dyslexia/dysgraphia, or any other learning difficulties they may have.

For the upcoming school holidays, I would like to introduce my specialist IB & IGCSE English Literature and Language Tutor, Mr Row, who can truly help students excel in their secondary school years. He works with students to build their critical thinking and essay writing skills and has extensive formal exam training experience in coaching teenagers. When he worked with GCSE and A-Levels students in the UK he improved their grades by 2 boundary levels on average.

He has a consistent academic track record that is hard to rival, personally scoring 43/45 in the IB (including a 7/7/7 at HL), before going on to earn a BSc with First Class Honours from The London School of Economics and an MSc with Distinction from The University of St. Andrews (UK); both of his degrees in literature and philosophy. He comes from a family of educators, is highly personable, and knows how to break down complex ideas into easy parts that teenagers can digest easily.

Please WhatsApp me for a free trial class +852 5520 3097