The English Teacher Ltd

Hi there!

I am Mr David,
the English teacher in Hong Kong.
I have been working at The English Teacher Ltd.
for over 10 years at the moment of this writing.

If you are looking for a regular English teacher
someone who nicely follows the Hong Kong education system's thinking,
I'm afraid that won't be me.

I'm different.
I teach differently
and more specifically,
I teach kids and adults,
to prepare themselves for life.
Some say I'm an English teacher and life coach.
All my students are burning with curiosity, lifelong learners.

My best skills:
coaching people in life and business
helping people write correct business emails
helping people improve their English for their upcoming IELTS test
teaching English for job interview
teaching English for the secondary school interviews
teaching English conversation, pronunciation, and writing to primary school students and adults.

Through interaction, question and answer, and listening.
One-to-one or in group.

The languages I speak:
English fluently, Dutch fluently, French at an intermediate level and Cantonese at an elementary level.

Wanna learn more?

Wanna know more about me?

-Mr David, founder and teacher | The English Teacher Ltd.