Bernice Lee, Business & Executive Coach

Bernice Lee, Business & Executive Coach

  • Address

    Room 836, 8/F

    Willy Commercial Building

    28-36 Wing Kut Street

    Sheung Wan

    Hong Kong

  • Phone 66243277
Are you an entrepreneur or business leader who feels tired or stressed out? Do you feel frustrated or overwhelmed by the ups and downs of running a company? When you think about your work life, are you disappointed that you're surviving instead of thriving? *** As a coach who's trained by the NeuroLeadership Institute, I enable business professionals to happily live a high performance life. *** I've helped clients to achieve powerful results in these areas: (1) Increase personal productivity, (2) Improve work/life balance, (3) Make great decisions, (4) Deal effectively with conflict, (5) Increase assertiveness and self-confidence, (6) Develop executive presence, (7) Adapt to and embrace change, (8) Define your unique purpose and values, and (9) Build an effective team. *** To learn more about me, access free content, read testimonials, and BOOK A FREE 30-min Discovery Call, please visit me at *** See you there!