HK Company Secretaries

We have listed leading companies that provide corporate secretarial services in Hong Kong.

Company Secretarial Services Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a key centre for companies doing business in China and the Asia-Pacific region and is the number one hub in the region chosen by companies to incorporate. Hong Kong offers a wide range of advantages over other cities including Singapore and Shanghai including no capital gains taxes, simplicity of incorporating, low corporate and personal tax rates, superb infrastructure, a friendly business environment, free markets, no currency controls, entrepreneur-friendly, a stable currency, and well-established rule of law. Hong Kong’s close proximity to the enormous China market makes it the number one choice to incorporate for start-ups or companies expanding into China.

When incorporating in HK, companies are required to have a physical office in Hong Kong, a minimum of one directory and one corporate secretary or registered agent. The corporate secretarial service providers listed in the directory below offer registered office options and company secretary services who can also act as a company director; they can also perform the duties of a registered agent.

The duties of the company secretary include ensuring your company complies with government requirements including ensuring your returns are filed promptly as well as notifying the relevant Hong Kong government department should you have a change of address. A competent corporate secretary takes care of all the bureaucratic minutiae related to doing business ensuring that you do not get bogged down in paperwork and can remain focused on growing your business in HK, China and throughout the region.

The legal responsibilities of a company secretary in Hong Kong include:

  • Providing your company with a registered office address for receipt of government documents and post.
  • Organizing all documentation related to the appointments and resignations of directors of your HK company.
  • Attending to other statutory corporate compliance issues.
  • Incorporating your Hong Kong company.
  • Providing you with a HK-resident company secretary.
  • Carrying out the issuance and transfer of company shares.
  • Preparation and filing of your corporate Annual Return.

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