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With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, MD, Annette M Houlihan wants to help you, with a free no-obligation initial consultation to illustrate the importance of having a Will in place.

The most valuable gift you can leave behind for your loved ones is a properly setup Final Testament.

Most people do not consider the difficulty of Guardianship if you and your partner do not return home to your minor children.

Although Hong Kong has an Appointment of Guardian facility, the surest way to ensure that your children are in the hands of people you want, should anything happen to you is through your WILL.

Do you have a Will?

• Are you aware that your children could go into HK Government Care if you don't write details of guardianship in your Will if you and your partner die prematurely?
• Many taxes are paid unnecessarily upon inheritance in many parts of the world i.e. Death Duties because a Will has not been set up efficiently. Can your family survive net of these taxes?
• With a Will in Hong Kong, it can take months to gain the Grant of Probate (the release of your estate) Without one, it can take years! How long can your family survive?
• Your spouse does not inherit all! Your spouse is only entitled to the first HK$500,000 and 50% of the remainder, the other 50% goes to your children. If you don't have children, then your spouse is only entitled to HK$1,000,000 and 50% of the remainder, the other 50% is given to your parents or siblings. If you don’t like this distribution, you need to write a Will.
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