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Professional Wills Limited (PWL) is the leading Will Writing company in Hong Kong and with a presence in a dozen cities in South East Asia PWL also dealing not only with Wills but advisers or an array of estate planning issues equally as important as simply writing you a Will. Of course a major concern is the appointment of guardians for children in the event both parents were to pass away. A Will includes the appointment of the legal guardian of your children. Appointing friends locally as temporary guardians to step in until family arrive from overseas is also taken care of. We draft separate documents – Deeds of Temporary Guardianship which are used in the event of the Social Services turning up wanting to take the children away there and then. This document can immediately be produced by friends to show their legal position preventing the children from being removed from their home. Outlining the financial arrangements that will ensure support for your children to ensure that there is sufficient money available for the education and general care of your family is also covered. Making a Will brings great peace of mind knowing that everything is organised properly. You will not leave a trail of problems behind you if you take off suddenly and do not come back! Getting all of your estate planning in order is the next step. Ask us how we can help you with that. It is a job that almost everyone puts off - or perhaps puts it in the too hard basket. It does not have to be a painful experience. We do our best to make the process as relaxed as possible. The peace of mind that comes knowing that this small but important job is finished is well worth the time and effort spent in completing the task. Wills are best kept by us in our fireproof safes and we provide annual letters to remind you to update Wills as and when required.