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For most of my career I've written for the world's biggest brands, now I freelance for companies large and small. So whether it's words for your website, a brochure for your business, or a proposition for your product: I'll craft the copy you need.

If you're hiring a freelance copywriter in Hong Kong, you need to know that they can deliver on your creative brief. So here's a quick overview on why you can count on me.

• I've written award-winning TV commercials for the world’s biggest brands, seen billions of times around the world.

• In my last job, I was the Associate Creative Director at BBDO (a 4A's agency).

• I was also selected from the top 1% of creatives for BBDO's Rising Stars program.

• Way before all this, I was a chef. I worked for Jamie Oliver. Yeah, a little irrelevant. But hey, it was hard work, and I love cooking.