AP Net

Founded in 1995, Asia Pacific CompuNet Limited (AP Net) is one of the earliest Internet Service Providers in Hong Kong. AP Net realizes the importance of IT, in general, and Internet, in particular, as business tools and specializes in total IT and Internet solutions to the Hong Kong business community.

We are innovative in thinking and discerning in the needs of the business world. We have long tracked record of being the first in developing IT and Internet products and solutions in various categories. We not only have the mind to develop sound Internet ideas but have the ability to implement them.

To date, we have already developed IT products and solutions in areas such as customer service Intranet solutions, Palm based mobile computing solutions, on-line sales ordering system and the company goes from strength to strength.

We have well developed experience and partnership in IT solutions such as application/software development, IT system support and maintenance, e-Commerce and m-Commerce Solutions, e-Commerce Consultancy, dedicated leased line, broadband Internet Access, Web design and development services.