Creata Revfinity Asia Ltd

The rapid growth in today's financial information industry is apparent in the vast number of financial information products and services available in the market. These range from wide-scale financial suites, such as Reuters and Bloomberg, to smaller-scale specialized products. These services also target different markets, some dedicated to providing information to institutional investment entities, others committed to helping the individual investors.

Despite the rich forms and sources of financial information available, few companies provide a listed company's corporate reports in their original format. While some brokerage houses do keep copies of listed companies' corporate reports, securing and maintaining such a library requires a large area of space and a lot of time and effort from the brokerage's personnel. More often than not, the valuable information contained in annual and other corporate reports are buried under office dust.

Listed companies publish their corporate reports not only to fulfill the requirements of listing rules. They publish reports to promote their company's public image, and to inform and impress shareholders, institutional investors, corporate bankers, and other potential investors. By their nature, these reports contain unique attributes that other financial databases may bot possess, attributes such as company profile, organizational chart, future prospects, subsidiaries and so on.

The project by CREATA will fill in the information gap and enhance each Hong Kong listed company's image by distributing online annual reports, interim reports, quarterly report and IPO prospectus in Portable Document Format ('PDF') on the Web. By doing so, CREATA hopes to promote transparency and greatly boost relations between the companies and their investors. By using the Internet as a distribution medium, CREATA makes access to these reports and prospectus much easier for shareholders, financial analysts, researchers, corporation bankers, institutional investors and other financial information users for online and offline reading.