DRS Electronics Ltd.

DRS has one the most unique system in the market today Our security system is actually using an alarm phone as a main control for the whole system. Our system consists of - a central unit (alarm phone) + sensors (door / window /smoke) + PIR sensor + even outdoor siren. When something trigger the alarm (eg fire, intruder), the alarm will send signals to the central unit, the central unit will then protect the house by immediately dialing to 5 pre-set number(s) (e.g. owner's number, emergency call center number or even the police number).

Our system is unique in the market today because - 1) our system is DIY (do-it-yourself); 2) even if user doesn't arm it, it is still a telephone, rather than just a functionless metal box as compare to most security systems in the market today; 3) numerous sensors can be added to our system by the user; 4) our price is relatively cheaper than other security systems in the market. 5) we are not just simply a supplier; we are a manufacturer for security products. That£¾?s why we can always tailor-make something that you and your customers specifically want. We have already got Pan European approval and new CE approval for the product.