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On February 1, 1917, with America on the verge of entering the war in Europe, and the domestic economy struggling to maintain "business as usual," two New York lawyers, Benjamin Kaye and Jacob Scholer, shook hands and decided to start a law firm in Manhattan. Benjamin Kaye, the first lawyer to bring a federal income tax case to trial under the 1913 income tax law, was also a Broadway playwright, with four Broadway productions among his many credits. Together, Kaye and Scholer established a foundation for the vision they shared for their new firm: an unwavering dedication to legal excellence and premier service to clients.
Eight Decades of History
What set Kaye Scholer apart in the first two decades was its simultaneous representation of both family-owned companies and large corporations. With the help of Harold Fierman, a sought-after business lawyer and advisor, the Firm amassed a strong list of nationally recognized corporate clients. In 1947, responding to the post-World War II employment boom, Kaye Scholer established its Labor Department, among the first New York law firms to do so. In the 1950s Professor Milton Handler began what would become a cornerstone practice for the Firm in antitrust. The Firm's banking and finance practice developed strongly in the 1960's with the representation of national banks and other financial institutions. In that era, the Firm also made its entry into the international arena, representing clients in joint ventures in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. In the late 70s and early 80s Kaye Scholer expanded beyond its New York base, opening offices in Washington, D.C., Hong Kong, and Los Angeles. By then, the Firm's reputation as a full-service law firm was well known, paving the way for the high profile litigations, international transactions and the expansion of the Firm's intellectual property, patent and product liability groups.