Internaxx, your international direct brokerage service

Internaxx is the new self-directed international brokerage service from the Bank of TDW & BGL, which enables you to trade around the world, around the clock.

By becoming an investor with Internaxx, you will reap the benefits of a 24-hour multi-language and multi-currency service, allowing you to take advantage of:

Real time access by phone and Internet to the major stock exchanges in North America and Europe and to mutual funds from premier asset managers

Competitive pricing starting from only €19.6 per trade

High quality and real time information from top providers around the world

Our multi-lingual Call Centre with its extensive opening hours, which will handle your inquiries and your trading orders at your convenience

Our interest-bearing flexible Cash Management Account which allows you to activate sub-accounts in multiple currencies

Trading under Luxembourg's stable and well-regulated banking and privacy laws