Uni - Tech

Specialized in infrastructure building and eBusiness enabling, Unitech Networks provides professional services that deliver a full range of capabilities from business invention to project management, and system integration and implementation, bringing customers total business and technical solutions that give them a lasting competitive advantage to accelerate strategies and expand opportunities.

With deep market insight and proven track records in telecommunications and Internet industries, Unitech Networks can provide you business modeling and technical infrastructure advices. We visualize what you need and describe how these components will work together to add value.

System Design, Application Development & Customization
Unitech Networks has a full team of system and solution architects, software architects and software engineers for infrastructure and system design. It provides software development and customization services including modification of applications and interfaces.

Integration & Implementation
Unitech Networks as an Internet engineer provides network and system integration services for building and implementing Internet solutions. It aims at helping customers to implement their Internet infrastructure and applications in a consistent, professional and cost-effective way.

Project Management
The success of your business strategy depends largely on your ability to achieve high levels of customer care and service delivery efficiency. By combining key front-end design and deployment services with operational planning and implementation skills, Unitech Networks' project managers work closely with you on each project phase, attaining efficient service delivery by supervising network installation and integration, and coordinating project schedules and activities.

Measurement & Planning
It is our objective to help customers identify the emerging technologies and value-added services for strategic business development - tapping into unexplored business opportunities. Our consultants can support customers for on-going infrastructure maintenance, performance measurement and capacity planning to meet the diverse expansion needs. We aim at assisting customers to make wise decisions and take on-time actions in today's dynamic business environment.

Training & Skill Transfer
Unitech Networks can offer comprehensive training to enable customers to master and fully utilize their Internet infrastructure and applications. This involves knowledge sharing and transfer, so that the knowledge and experience gained during project implementation becomes part of customers' own assets.

Support & Maintenance
Unitech Networks' support and maintenance services are to ensure customers a more productive and efficient network, with higher availability and better investment returns. The proactive network monitoring, swift response and accurate diagnosis from its highly trained personnel can help avoid disastrous downtime.