Please find listings for the leading tailors in HK. Hong Kong tailors are world-famous for making custom-tailored suits for both women and men at competitive prices and delivering them within two days of measuring you up.


It seems that on every corner in Hong Kong there is a clothing tailor. Each and every one of these tailors claims to offer high-quality suits of the best fabrics that fit you like a glove, at the lowest price. I’ve seen tailors who proudly display photos of themselves measuring up world leaders, including Bill Clinton, for suits. Politicians have been known to sell photo opportunities so I am sceptical of these photos. As with any profession, there are hacks, and there are masters. How do you find an expert tailor, and how do you determine if the quality and price of a made to measure suit is fair?

Spend Time Researching Tailors and Get Recommendations: You can start your journey to looking dapper by researching HK tailors online. Look for reviews and recommendations and check a wide range of resources, because the web is rife with fake reviews. If you see someone in your office who dresses with style, ask them for a referral to the tailor they use. Another excellent way to find a quality tailor is to visit the Ask an Expat advice forum.

Test the Tailor’s Competency: Asking a simple question can tell you a great deal about the ability of a tailor. For instance, you might request that they reduce the length of a dinner jacket sleeve by cutting it at the shoulder. If they balk at this then odds are you don’t have your master tailor.

Inspect their Finished Work and Shop Space: Drop by the tailor’s shop and have a look around. Does it look organized? Is it clean? If so then that may be an indication that the tailor is a perfectionist. They should have some finished suits or shirts on hand so ask them if you can inspect these items.

Take a Test Drive: Consider engaging the tailor to make you a single item of clothing, perhaps a shirt or a pair of pants. If the results are good then you can look at building a relationship with that tailor letting him know that if he takes care of you then you’ll be a loyal long time customer while you live in Hong Kong. Once a tailor has your measurements, remember that even when you repatriate from HK, you can continue to order clothing and have it shipped to you.