The American Women’s Association (AWA) of Hong Kong

The American Women’s Association (AWA) of Hong Kong was founded in 1956 as a non-profit, charitable organization. As a voluntary organization of women, we support Hong Kong charities and schools through community service and monetary grants while also providing educational and social activities for our members.

On average, the AWA provides close to $1.2 million annually to Hong Kong charities and educational institutions to support programs and services that benefit children, the elderly, handicapped, women and families, community activities and students. These monetary grants are made possible by our member’s dedication and hard work in organizing several fundraising events throughout the year.

The AWA also encourages its members to participate in a diverse range of hands-on community-focused programs. We offer a wide range of opportunities that take advantage of the wealth of skills offered by our members. English Conversation, Reading for the Blind, Servicemen’s Guides and Crossroads are just a few of the rewarding volunteer opportunities that enrich our members' lives in Hong Kong.

To keep everyone up to date and informed, our monthly magazine, AWARE, boasts 32 colorful pages. Each issue provides a wealth of information, including current activities, specialized trips around the region, and lectures by notable speakers on the cutting edge of Asian Affairs, plus monthly focus topics on family, children, arts and music, travel, health and food.

Membership of the AWA is open to all women who reside in Hong Kong, regardless of nationality. As a truly international organization, the AWA has over 1000 members representing 41 countries around the world, with over 55 volunteer committees and numerous social activities to choose from throughout the year. To learn more about us, give us a call, drop by the office, send us an e-mail or simply delve deeper into our website.