The Hong Kong Yacht Club

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    Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

    Kellett Island

    Causeway Bay

    Hong Kong

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The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club is one of the oldest clubs in Hong Kong, and one of largest yacht clubs in the world. In 1999 it celebrated its 150th year of sailing and rowing activity. Kellett Island in Causeway Bay is the Club's principal base, and acts as the parent site to the two smaller branches of the Club, at Shelter Cove near Sai Kung and Middle Island in Repulse Bay.

Members of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club are admitted through a selective balloting procedure and represent all walks of life, but all have an interest in either rowing or sailing. Current membership stands at 9,700 members and of those 3,500 are active members with another 6,200 absent members worldwide. Ratio is 57% male and 43% female, and 45% are local and 55% are expatriate active members.

Any member who is interested in submitting articles or content for Ahoy! please contact Suzy Rayment. The deadline for submissions is the 8th of the month preceeding the month of publication. Please email articles and place any photographs in the Ahoy! pigeon hole at Kellett Island.