Basketball Association

The Hong Kong Amateur Basketball Association was founded in 1912. In the early stage, only nine sport clubs with men's team were affiliated with the Association. A few years later, the sport become more popular due to constant visits by teams and teams from China. The standard was steadily raised when women basketball activities were promoted in 1930, generally enlarging local basketball programs.
In 1936, when basketball was included in Olympic Games, the popularity of the sport increased greatly in Hong Kong and China. Local teams began to seek opportunities to visit other countries in Asia during the off-season period. This situation predominated until the outbreak of the Second World War.
The Hong Kong Amateur Basketball Association became affiliated with International Basketball Federation in 1958. The next year the Association joined the Asian Basketball Confederation to become one of the first few members, remaining active since then. The word 'Amateur' was dropped in 1991 following the introduction of foreign professional players in the league.
The Hong Kong Basketball Association is governed by an Executive Committee, which is headed by a Chairman. The functions of the Association are discharged through a system of subcommittees, namely, the Competition Subcommittee, the Disciplinary Subcommittee, the Training Subcomittee, the Selection Subcommittee, the Reception Subcommittee, the Accreditation Subcommittee, the International Affairs Subcommittee, the Venue Subcommittee and the Referee Committee. All subcommittees are chaired by members of the Executive Committee.