Mindful Wing Chun

A boutique wellness studio combining the physical discipline of Wing Chun Kung Fu with the ancient concept of Mindfulness.

Our bodies move further away from their innate ability to hold themselves up and support themselves. Instead, we begin to rely on excessive muscular effort. If only we can re-learn to ‘let go’, to surrender our weight to gravity and allow the fundamental nature of the body to do the work supporting us in the most efficient way possible. We will be less tense and stressed being able to deal with life’s challenges in a more open, relaxed and engaged manner.

If we can relax in a very active way - our torso and limbs are not floppy but able to maintain form and shape without tension, we can unify our body parts together as one piece and move from our true Centre of Mass. Imagine punching or kicking but using your whole weight to back up that movement rather than the strength of say, one arm?

By maintaining proper and correct postural alignment and by gaining conscious control of our bodies, we can correct muscular imbalances, stop aches and pains and learn an incredibly effective and powerful self defence system. Not bad for a martial art!