Korea Taekwondo Cheung Do Kwan

Korea Taekwondo Cheung Do Kwan

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    Hong Kong

  • Phone +85260784584
Korea Taekwondo Cheung Do Kwan (A Member of the Hong Kong Taekwondo Association) is the first Korean Taekwondo school in Hong Kong, established in 1988 by our Grand Master Woo Jong Pill.

Grand Master Woo has more than 30 years of experience in teaching Taekwondo in Hong Kong and is currently the head coach of the Hong Kong National Taekwondo Team.

Cheung Do Kwan focuses on teaching the values of Taekwondo to students, thus we strive to train and discipline students so that positive changes can be made to their lives through the very important aspects of Taekwondo: Respect & Courtesy, Integrity and Perseverance.