City Hunter

  • Address

    1st Floor, Zhilian Factory Building

    316 ~ 318 Guantang Road

    Ngau Tau Kok

    Hong Kong

  • Phone 31050666
The newly designed City Hunter x Red Alert CQB has carefully created for you two newbies that are suitable for novices and can also satisfy professional players, and the old warrior battlefield scene is definitely made by 6-year-old children NERF Birthday Party, classmates / colleagues / friends gathering, company activities, team training, NGO / church / school services, even the most fashionable choice of large airsoft competitions, more than 10,000 square feet of space, two for 4,000 square feet each , A new concept game area environment, enough to accommodate 30 people to play at the same time, out of the traditional maze Kill House tradition, redefine your CQB idea.