Fitnessu Ltd

We bring the fitness to you !
Our aim is to give you this access path to fitness on your terms, in the comfort and privacy of your own space, while doing away with transport commutes and busy hours at the gym. If you like the idea of being able to zip downstairs and get a workout in before your morning shower, in the evening before dinner, between meetings – or at any other time that suits you – our private, personal training is for you. Anyone with physical limitations can also benefit from our services, like stay-at-home parents, people working from home, and those with injuries, or a lack of time or transport.

Our programs:
We offer a variety of personal and Group fitness methods and programs.
You can choose one method or combine two or more:"1on1" or small groups : Fitness, Thai Boxing, Yoga, Pilates, Aqua fitness, Zumba fitness