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Thank you so much for clicking to see what I have to say! My name is Paulina, and I'm 40 and I want to tell you about something that changed my life forever. Ten years ago I was living in Italy, and a friend shared an inspirational story with me that he read in a magazine. It was about a person who was unfit, and overweight, and they talked about how they took control of their lives for the better. At the time, I wasn't "fat", but I certainly wasn't fit. But the instant I finished the article, something in me "clicked". I started eating healthier and started to be more active. Flash forward nine years to today and my life is completely different! I transformed my body – I’m fit and healthy and loving life. And the person who sent me that magazine article? I married him! Fitness made such a difference in my life that I decided to make it my life’s work. In the fall of 2014, I completed the NASM Personal Training Course, but I felt that I needed something even more robust and in-depth. As a result, I enrolled in an intense 6-month course in Toronto Canada with the National Personal Training Institute. I graduated from the course mid-December 2015 and have been back in Hong Kong since the beginning of 2016. I don't want to work for one of the big gyms, or any company. All I want to do is to work for YOU! I want to focus on YOUR health and wellbeing! My life proves that when you want something, that YES it can be done! Investing in your health and fitness is not a quick fix, and it's very much of a lifestyle change. I'm not going to write down any catchy phrases like "bikini fit", or "fat blaster" or promise you any unattainable goals. But being fit does NOT have to be a grind and a chore! I want to express that it's not about "not enjoying food", or being wrapped up in going to the gym seven days a week 4 hours a day, that is just not realistic. If you've read this far, I thank you for taking the time to do so! You are the kind of motivated person I want to work with! I hope I've peaked your interest enough that you give me a call or send me a text via WhatsApp or Viber. Wishing you great happiness and the best health possible. Paulina Certified Personal Trainer - NASM - Hong Kong National Personal Training Institute - Toronto, Canada ps. Since I'm Freelancing...I'll come to wherever you are! MY RATES OPTION 1 A.YOUR HOME - $750/1 HOUR SESSION B.YOUR CLUBHOUSE GYM - $750/ 1 HOUR SESSION C.OUTSIDE BOOTCAMP - $750 / 1 HOUR SESSION OPTION 2 FREELANCE PERSONAL TRAINER FRIENDLY GYMS - KENNEDY TOWN $650 / 1 HOUR SESSION. PLEASE NOTE: NEW CLIENTS PAY $750 FOR THE FIRST SESSION ( AN ASSESSMENT ) AND WILL RECEIVE A PERSONALIZED PROGRAM FOR THE SECOND SESSION FREE. Thanks again for taking the time to read my ad. PS: if you've still got some time to read. This is a very comprehensive review from one of my clients John Clarke, which you can read here or on my FB page. ( link above ) As an avid cyclist, swimmer and runner, I have a fair amount of interest and desire in maintaining my fitness. While those three physical activities do use a great many different muscle groups, I am aware that not all muscles get the same or enough attention. I am not a big fan of going to the gym, except when travelling and a good hotel gym is available or if the weather is not conducive to working out outside. With all that said, I was very much impressed in my two workouts with Paulina this past week. My first session at the UTime Fitness was a personal assessment session which lasted a little over an hour. I thought Paulina had a very thorough and comprehensive exercise plan to assess my strength and flexibility. She identified areas of strength and weakness, factored in my age, general fitness level and personal goals. From those assessments, she formulated our second session two days later. She began the next session with stretching and light cardio exercises to get my hearth rate going. We then progressed to a variety of weight training excersises that were well within my ability while at the same time offering a challenge toward the end of each cycle. We progressed through a reasonable training program touching on each muscle group from arms, legs, back, shoulders and core. Our session ended with a meaningful stretching session that most definitely calmed the muscles that got a lot of attention. I am not a “gym” person. I prefer to be outside when I excersise. I may also be a little intimidated to climb onto an exercise maching perhaps not knowing exactly how to use the machine, why I should be using a machine or more importantly how not to injure myself while using a particular maching. These unknowns could be very well be why I don’t purposefully go to any gym on a regular basis. However, the one OUTSTANDING thing I learned after working with Paulina is the value of a Personal Trainer. Paulina is FULLY knowledgable on the use of the machines and actually prefers to use Free Weights when able to achieve her training objectives. I felt completely at ease with her detailed description of each exercise and her choice of the appropriate weight. While I felt frequently “challenged”, I never once felt uncomfortable that I was being pushed beyond my personal limit. Her personal attention to my proper execution of each exercise by maintaining the proper form, helped me to build confidence in my workout and in her instruction. Having a well trained and certified Personal Trainer could very well be the best piece of equipment anyone could use to improve their fitness. Having Paulina as your Coach would be in my assessment a very fine first step in any exercise program!