Marine Divers - British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) School 388, is the only BSAC School in China, based in Hong Kong. Marine Divers has its own BSAC Branch - BSAC Special Branch 2292, which also permits non -BSAC divers to be diving members.

The School provides the branch with many benefits: training in SCUBA and Snorkel diving from beginner to Instructor; diving oportunities any day or night of the week; overseas dive trips for shore based weekends or longer live-aboard expeditions; social activities including weekly Club Nights.

BSAC stresses Safety in all aspects. BSAC training has a reputation for being tough, but 12 year old pass our courses....

Marine Divers prides itself in offering a variety of training options, offering flexibility to those who lead busy, unpredictable lives in Hong Kong, particularly to Professionals.

BSAC, the largest diving club in the world, was established in 1953, and is recognized as the world leader in recreational diver training begrudgingly?.)

Never heard of BSAC? Closely guarded secret perhaps?

Marine Divers are looking for suitable people to join its Dive Team. But once you are a qualified diving member, you will get the benefits of your hard work.

Check out our website for training courses (often special packages), diving opportunities and social activities. Contact us to discuss your training and / or diving needs, so we can draft a proposal for you; or come along and talk to us at a Tuesday evening Club Night at our base - the United Services Recreational Club, Kowloon (another well kept secret - an Oasis in a desert of concrete).

2013: BSAC 60th Anniversary year, Marine Divers giving away 60 FREE Ocean Diver Courses. Contact