South China Athletic Association

South China Athletic Association

  • Address

    Hong Kong Club House

    88 Caroline Hill Road

    Causeway Bay

    Hong Kong

  • Phone 25776932
It has been the mission of South China Athletic Association to promote sports and foster healthy citizenship throughout the past century. Riding on the internet tide, the Association can enhance its services and information updates, and interact with the members and the public via its website. With the non-restrictive boundaries of the internet, the message of the Association can be delivered to the ultimate frontiers of the global village.

Ball Games courses at SCAA include volleyball.

Beginner Volleyball (Aged 5-10)
Beginner Volleyball (Aged 8-13)
Volleyball Training Course (Aged 9-15)
Volleyball Training Course (Aged 12-19)
Volleyball Training Course (Aged 14 or above)
Foundation Beach Volleyball (Aged 14 or above)
Group Training