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Acupuncture is an important branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) used in the prevention and treatment of various ailments from acute musculoskeletal disorders to chronic pain syndromes. Fine sterile needles are inserted into various acupoints along the body's meridians, which are the pathways where the 'qi' (life energy) & blood of the human body are circulated. Acupoints along the meridian's that are used during acupuncture, form an interlinking network to the musculoskeletal system and other organs. Depending on the ailment, specific acupoints are then selected to strengthen and unblock the 'qi'.

Research has shown that acupuncture and dry needling techniques can be used to 'release' trigger points by inducing relaxation of muscles while simultaneously stimulating the production of your body's own natural endorphins – nature's pain killers. This unique approach of East meets West is yet just another way to treat pain and dysfunction in an efficient and holistic manner.