Prenatal Yoga on the Peak

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    Matida Hospital

    The Peak

    Hong Kong

  • Phone Yoganidhi ~ Ph. 2982 0270 or Mob. 9747 0924
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Yoga classes at Matilda are specially designed for both mother and growing baby in mind, creating a safe and warm environment where she can unwind and relax into her breath, changing body and emotions fully and freely.
Classes comprise of gentle yet powerful stretches to develop body and breath awareness through rhythmical flowing movements and classical yoga postures. Focus is on gentle toning and flexibility, activating and isolating muscle groups associated with birthing, breath development, mental focus and relaxation.
Set in a unique and beautiful space of peace and tranquility, classes are non–competitive, well balanced and safe... a healthful way to approach your day. Every Mon/Wed/Fri 2.30-4pm.