House of Light Wellness Center

House of Light Wellness Center

  • Address

    1/F & 2/F., Lot 2891-2 Shek Mun Kap Village

    Tung Chung, N.T.

    Hong Kong

  • Phone +85293462042
House of Light Wellness Center is a space created to assist you in reconnecting with happiness, well-being and abundance. We do this through healing (spiritual, emotional, energy level), self-empowerment, sharing of information and nurturing activities.

Our event includes BodyTalk Access Seminar. You could learn to do all of this —and more —in just one day. Strengthen your immune system against viruses, bacteria and parasites allergies and intolerances. Enhance focus and memory. Improve sleep and relaxation. Respond to small emergencies by learning ‘fast aid’. Reduce sports stress and anxiety. Strengthen posture, alignment and overall health.