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What kind of chiropractic treatment plans are available?
We offer a range of programs to meet the needs of our patients.

If you are a new patient, your first visit will begin with an initial consultation and assessment. From there, you can discuss your needs directly with the chiropractor before undertaking a course of treatment.

?Rin Spine Center offers four kinds of treatment plan.

?Pain Relief - Treatment involving a blend of manual chiropractic adjustment and physical muscle therapy. Find out more.

Intensive Pain Relief - In some cases, the chiropractor may recommend treatment involving advanced diamagnetic therapy either on its own or in combination with chiropractic adjustment - a faster, more intensive solution for bringing down severe pain. Find out more.

Spinal Realignment - In some cases, the chiropractor may recommend longer-term therapy designed to halt or correct the effects of underlying spinal conditions. Find out more.

Wellness - While patients typically come to us with pain or injury, once we've helped bring down pain to negligible levels, we offer an ongoing chiropractic wellness program that helps maintain spinal health and lower the likelihood of more serious injuries.