Dentists in HK

Please find the listings for the leading dental clinics in Hong Kong. These clinics provide a wide range of services and dental procedures from teeth whitening, root canals, to orthodontics and of course standard cavity filling.


Out of interest, we posted a topic “Need a Dentist in HK’ on our Ask an Expat Forum, and within days nearly 1000 expats had read this topic! Clearly there are quite a few HK expats who have not found a dentist since arriving in the city and no doubt their dental issues are multiplying!

When deciding on a dentist there are a few methods of helping you choose a dentist who is competent and of course who will not direct you to undergo unnecessary and expensive dental procedures. For instance, I once had a dentist inform me that I required a root canal due to a small crack in one of my teeth. When I hear the words ‘root canal’ or ‘wisdom tooth extraction’ I curl in a ball and suck my thumb like the coward I am. In this case I called up a mate who works for Goldman Sachs in HK thinking their HR department must have some dentists in HK that they recommend. And as Goldman Sachs employees are notoriously underpaid I was certain I would get a cost-effective yet quality recommendation.

The latter turned out to be true, not so much the former. However I bit the bullet (very gently not wanting that cracked tooth to bust off at the gum line!) and within minutes the dentist had won me over. He said, mate at your age, most of your teeth have slight fractures. It just goes with the territory (he then showed me close up photos of the damage). If we deal with that one tooth then we may as well fix the whole lot. The best strategy is to let sleeping dogs lie, I was told, as it was unlikely that any of the teeth would snap off. It’s been more than 8 years since I visited that HK dental clinic, and none of my teeth have cracked off. Did I mention I saved many thousands of dollars not going through with the root canal? And you can’t put a price on the mental anguish that I did not suffer waiting for that fateful day to endure the root canal surgery.

Unfortunately I moved away from Hong Kong and had to start the process of finding a new dentist all over again. My wife had some orthodontics work being done and it occurred to me that an ortho doctor knows a bit about teeth, and an ortho guy must see a dentist just like all of us mortals. So I said hey doc, who fixes your teeth in town? He said Doctor Grey. That was good enough for me! I made an appointment with Doctor Grey and mentioned as I mounted the chair in his clinic that the ortho guy Peter had recommended him. Peter who he said? I said Peter, Peter the ortho guy. He said hmmmm…. I am not sure which Peter that is as I have quite a few patients who are in the dental industry name Peter. How good is that! The dentist of dentists. Five years with Doctor Grey and no root canal recommendations. He didn’t even mention the tooth with the slight crack. Not once.

If you are new to HK or you are looking for a new dental care provider, you can browse our listings below and visit their websites for details of their qualifications and expertise. If a major procedure is recommended, as with any doctor, it is your right to seek a second opinion. Another way to find a dentist in HK is to Ask an Expat for a recommendation.