AIDS Concern

AIDS Concern was established in 1990 as the first non-government charity organisation committed to the service of AIDS care in Hong Kong. We have a Health Centre in Jordon for HIV and STIs as well as a HIV Self Test Kit that can be purchased from our website. All visits and test are confidential. AIDS Concern exist to create “TRIPLE ZERO” Hong Kong, this means ZERO new infections, ZERO stigma and ZERO AIDS deaths. AIDS Concern will lead social changes by individuals, organisations and society to achieve TRIPLE ZERO, to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and eliminate stigma for people living with HIV.

AIDS Concern Health Service Centre – 3B Fu Lee Commercial Bldg, 14-20 Pilkem St, Jordon, Kowloon
Tel: 2394 6677

AIDS Concern Office – 17B Block F, Lok Man Road, Chai Wan HK
Tel: 2898 4411