Dr. Susan Jamieson Integrative Medical Practice

Dr. Susan Jamieson Integrative Medical Practice

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    Asia Standard Tower

    59-65 Queen’s Road Central

    Hong Kong

  • Phone 2523 8044
For a quarter of a century, our Hong Kong doctors and therapists have treated patients from all over the world to help them achieve optimal health.

When you want to ask a Hong Kong family doctor about medical questions that concern you, we have an expert physician on our staff that will listen carefully, make an informed medical diagnosis and recommend treatments which are appropriate. When it comes to integrated healthcare in Hong Kong, we’re very knowledgeable. We’re not in a rush, and we don’t write a prescription and push you out the door. This allows our doctors to truly give effective medical help.

If conventional medicine has left you with unresolved health issues, the field of integrative medicine offers hope. An integrative medical mind-body medicine approach can reveal treatment opportunities that may have been missed by your conventionally-trained general practitioner. Our team of health professionals offers the best of conventional and complementary approaches in one convenient Central Hong Kong location.