Renewed Edge

Renewed Edge is your Premier Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Centre in Hong Kong.

We have helped individuals from all ages, from entrepreneurs, athletes, executives, professionals to children and couples. Everyone can benefit from hypnosis to achieve greater and fuller wellbeing. As the premier Hypnosis Centre in Hong Kong, our mission is to empower you and help you experience more wellbeing, more joy, more performance and more fun. We can help you at all stages of your life: executives/entrepreneurs: (hypnosis for corporates), athletes ( hypnosis for sports), mothers-to-be (HypnoBirthing), people experiencing chronic pain (hypnosis for pain management), children, adults and couples (hypnosis for wellbeing).

We can help you whether you are thriving, you would like to add more joy and accomplishments in your life or you are experiencing temporary challenges.

Please contact us to learn about the benefits of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is safe and non-invasive, and approved by the medical community.