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Outcall Service

Different kinds of Massage Therapy :

1) Sports/Accupressure/Stretching massage therapy as deep muscles fatogie, tendon, tissue, sports / works overuse ofneck/ shoulder / hands/ twist/ lower back/ elbow/ sacrum pain, sciatica, stroke...

2) Lymphatic massage as Lymphoedema, Enlarged lymph, circulation...

3) Aroma massage as headache, depression, Insomnia...

4) Pregnancy massage as odema, lower back pain, neck pain, cramp...

5) Postnatal massage/ care package with odema, cellulite, binding wrap, fitness..

6) Breast massage as breast care to prevent care or breast feeding ...

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My Profile
Registered JingJin Physiotherapist, Hong Kong
Senior Spinal Orthopaedic Therapist, China
Massage Therapist, China
Advance Personal Trainer, Hong Kong
2016 International Beauty Health Newspaper Award, Postnatal care trainer, Korea/Hong Kong