Hong Kong Midwifes

We have created a directory of highly-regarded midwives in Hong Kong.

Midwives Hong Kong
A midwife is a trained health professional who assists you with all facets of delivering your baby from labour to delivery, and the period after the birth of your baby. Midwives may deliver babies at at your home, but in Hong Kong, most midwives will assist with delivering babies at a hospital. The reason that women choose midwives over a doctor is generally because they want minimal medical intervention. Midwives are not generally used if a birth involves twins in HK as that is a more complicated procedure and direct medical supervision from a qualified doctor is recommended.

Midwives will generally perform the following duties when assisting you with giving birth in Hong Kong:

  • Carry out prenatal tests and exams coordinating with a clinic or hospital in Hong Kong
  • Monitor your psychological and physical condition during and following your pregnancy
  • Help parents with making birth plans including choosing a suitable hospital in HK or making doctor referrals if necessary
  • Advise you on all issues related to maintaining good health during your pregnancy including diet, exercise, and medications
  • Assist you and your partner with family planning and preconception information
  • Provide comprehensive education about the pregnancy and childbirth processes as well as caring for your newborn
  • Provide practical and emotional support during labour
  • And of course, your midwife will deliver your baby