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Orthopedic Specialist Services
Orthopedic surgeons perform various treatment surgeries according to the needs of the patients. Common orthopedic treatments include:

Orthopedic treatments
- Degeneration of phalanges
- Bone fractures and joint dislocation
- Osteoporosis and associated bone fractures
- Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
- Sports or occupational strains or trauma
- Tendon injuries, muscle strains, bursitis, and soft tissue injuries in joints

Orthopedic Surgeries
- Arthroscopy: an arthroscopy is used to visualize, diagnose, or treat joint conditions
- Fusion surgery: similar to welding metals, fusion surgery involves “fusing” bony fragments together using a bone graft or internal fixators to maintain alignment of bones and facilitate healing
- Internal fixation: the use of metal plates, pins, and screws to stabilize and support bony fragments during recovery from a bone fracture
- Arthroplasty (partial or total replacement): replacement of inflamed or damaged joints with artificial joints
- Reduction: the repositioning of fractured bones to restore alignment
- Repair of soft tissue such as tendons and ligaments