Ken Lee Medical Centre - General Surgery


Established in 2001, Ken Lee Medical Centre was set up in memorial of the late general surgeon Dr Lee Chung Kin Ken. Ken Lee Medical Centre is currently operated by the family of Dr Lee.

Ken Lee Medical Centre currently has 10 specialist doctors, 1 clinical psychologist and 5 physiotherapists. Our mission is to provide high quality care to all of our patients. Together with our warm and courteous staff and our convenient location in Mongkok and Central, Ken Lee Medical Centre aims to provide high quality specialist care to our patients.

Ken Lee Medical Centre provides the GENERAL SURGERY services:
OGD/ Endoscopy
PPHTM stapled haemorrhoidectory
Appendicectomy (Appendicitis )
Open/ Laparascopic Hernia Surgery
Laparascopic Colectomy
Breast surgery
Thyroid Surgery
Cholecystostomy (Gall Stone)
Varicose Vein Surgery