Miss Amara

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    Rm2, Level 9

    The Arcade

    100 Cyberport Road

    Hong Kong

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Miss Amara is a small family business that strives to deliver an exceptional, uncomplicated and most of all enjoyable journey for the customer who is in search of their perfect rug.

We're Amie, Aaron and Alex & I guess it's no secret, we love a good rug. (There are no secrets with family right?!).

Each of us have all tried to buy a rug (numerous times) at some point before Miss Amara came into existence.
One of us (Alex) bought one, but two of us gave up! So what happened here?

We all started the same - enthusiastic, excited, picturing our dreamy rug with star studded eyes... But then somewhere along the way - something ruined it for us.

Maybe it was slogging it out to big warehouses and showrooms that left us tired and lost. Maybe it was the never ending closing down sales, (by the way - WHAT is with that?!). Or was it the endless searching, mouse points and clicks?

Needless to say it left us exhausted, and the dream of the shiny new rug seemed not like such a good idea after all.