1 Interior Painting & Handyman Service

1 Interior Painting & Handyman Service

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We pride ourselves on being professional, reliable, honest and courteous. We provide a one year warranty on all our work so you can rest easy when your project is complete!. Our specialty is in Interior painting, plastering, Wall repair as well as tiles fitting work, but we also provide many other services that will surely improve your living space!

Here is a list of work that we can help you with:

Wall repair, Plastering and Interior Painting
General Home Maintenance
Demolition and Disposal
Ceramic Tiles, Wood/Flooring
House/Office Moving
CC, TV and smoke detector installation
Appliance Install & Repairs
Wall mounting tv
Shelving and Storage
Hanging Paintings, Blinds, Art Works
Door Service etc.
So if you need a handyman, call us, and be sure that we will provide efficient and quality service in the fastest possible time.

Cell/Whatsapp: 5262-4056 -Sam