SmarT Home by SmarTone

SmarT Home by SmarTone

  • Address

    G/F, 58 Percival Street

    Causeway Bay

    Hong Kong

  • Phone 22818833
SmarT Home is a brand new service offered by SmarTone that leads with distinct products using reliable Z-wave wireless technology. Our products and caring services at affordable prices allow you to achieve desirable home automation with ease, creating a comfy and monitored smart home for you and your family.

With the SmarT Home by SmarTone service you can control home settings, such as lighting, air-conditioning, curtains, home entertainment products and home monitoring devices and more, via your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. Set to your preferences, you can also preset scenes and remotely set time switches to enjoy a comfortable home environment and save energy. Our SmarT solutions offer you great value, plus you can add on devices flexibly as required to boost your own smart life. Your requirements will be prioritised from pre-sales to after-sales by our professional team, and with our one-stop caring service, you can go beyond satisfaction with your smart home.

SmarT Home by SmarTone – your home can now be made smart simply and easily, giving you secured comfort!