Sk Engineering

SK Engineering is capable of assisting and facilitating all of our projects from initial concepts to completion. We renovate places of different field - residential, office, shop and hospitality. We thrive on taking your vision of a dream place, translating it into a spatial and visual plan, and bringing it to life in your space.

Our promise to you: We deliver on-time and on-budget quality construction. We never low-bid to "win" the job, just to trick you with hidden charges later. We stand by our word and pride ourselves on being a transparent, and most importantly honest engineering company. We treat our clients fairly and welcome all kind of inquiry no matter it's a 300'net apartment or a 5000'net office space.

Free estimate: We will provide a free in-home estimate; you are under absolutely no-obligation to hire us for your renovation work. Just send an email to or whatsapp +852 55180038 to make an appointment.