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We provide professional interior design service and decoration solutions in both residential and commercial area.

We focus on the expatriate market. The main challenge that expatriates face in finding interior design and decoration service in Hong Kong is communication. Most of the interior design companies in Hong Kong focus their market on local clients rather than expatriates, so they may not understand the needs of expatriates due to cultural differences or language barriers.

And that’s where Leading Bridge Interior Design comes in. We understand the needs of expats seeking to find interior design and decoration service in Hong Kong and the challenges this can involve. We empathize with these challenges and we can provide solutions to them with our knowledge and experience. Please feel free to contact us for free quotation and consulting services (whatsapp/phone/email).

About Leading Bridge Interior Design

Leading Bridge Limited, the parent company of Leading Bridge Interior Design, was established in 2009 by a group of professional Interior Designers. Most of our staff have strong working experience in both the international and the local market, which enables us to understand the needs of expatriates.