Storeys Bespoke Interiors

First established in 2004, the team at Storey's has created homes and offices for many families here in Hong Kong. Whether full renovations or home improvements, we focus with the goal of a seamless tie-in of the to the existing home, to develop the best home makeover plans possible to satisfy the space requirements, lifestyle and budget needs for our Clients.

Quality - We develop a relationship with the home-owner that results in the perfect execution of every detail, including the choice of materials, design specifics, budget criteria and settlement date.</p>

Craftsmanship - Our workers are dedicated and skilled, and we only subcontract to only the most highly regarded teams who have proven their reliability and performance.

Communication - We believe that communication is vital in modern day management. Through consistent communication to understand our Client’s needs, execution doables, we develop a home makeover design that creates an environment to reflect your lifestyle and your budget.

Expertise - We know more than just putting together bricks and siding; our service integrates design, realistic costing, construction and management.

Ultimately, it is a process of decision making where the Client’s concerns are of our interest and they are comfortable during the process. We are ready to prepare “homes” for Hong Kong living style.