3 Mail Boxes Etc. HK

3 Mail Boxes Etc. HK

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The New Moving and Relocation Company In Hong Kong

Mail Boxes Etc. specialize in small-time international moving. We recognize that many people moving in and out of Hong Kong don’t need any extra services like furniture moving, educational arrangements, or large item transportation. So if you aren’t using these services, why would you pay for them? Other Hong Kong moving companies will charge you a base fee that includes all of these services, regardless if you need them or not. Mail Boxes Etc. has no minimum fees attached to your moving prices, and we specialize in smaller moves. You pay for what you get, nothing more, nothing less.

MBE specializes in loads between 1 and 150 kg to optimize your moving experience. Other companies in Hong Kong have minimum weight requirements of 250 kg with a hefty minimum price tag of 22,000HKD (~2,800USD) or more, even to neighbouring countries. MBE avoids these minimums by keeping shipments small. We also provide all packing materials such as tape, boxes, and bubble wrap at your request for no additional cost!

Depending on the country, there can be excessive paperwork and requirements to sift through, depending on the country. When moving in or out of Hong Kong, MBE takes care of all of the required paperwork for your items as part of your total moving cost. This leaves you free to take care of your own travel visas and immigration requirements without worrying about your possessions. We make sure all of your packed items are up to regulation, and will quickly get them through the international moving process.

MBE offers a transparent moving timetable. To start, we can retrieve your items within 1/2 business days after your request. Once your possessions are in their trusted custody, we begin the process of shipping them to whatever international destination you desire. Depending on distance and immigration requirements, the final delivery of your items will be within 2-7 days from the initial pickup. By shipping only smaller amounts as we do, the whole process moves a bit faster and is more convenient for you.

There are many excellent choices in Hong Kong relocation, but most of these focus on big-time moves. Mail Boxes Etc. focuses on the small-time mover and makes the process easy and hassle free for you.