1 Asian Express International Movers Ltd

1 Asian Express International Movers Ltd

  • Address

    Suites 903-05, 9th Floor

    Exchange Tower

    33 Wang Chiu Road

    Kowloon Bay

    Hong Kong

  • Phone 28931000

Since our foundation in 1979, Asian Express has been dedicated to facilitating stress-free moves from start to finish. The company began by specialising in high quality packing and shipping of furniture and antiques. Recognizing the potential for diversification, Asian Express adapted this expertise to serve the increasing number of clients leaving Hong Kong for overseas destinations, and swiftly secured a majority share of this market.

By the early 1990's Asian Express had become a leading service provider, moving household goods to and from Hong Kong, having offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to expand our presence in Greater China, and to serve the growing number of companies relocating corporate employees to and from Mainland China. Our distinguished client list includes leading international names including ABB, Bosch, IBM, HSBC, Nokia, Schneider, Novartis, Coats China, FedEx, Alstom, and Delphi, to name but a few.

Today, Asian Express employs over 250 people and handles over thousands of relocations per year. We have fostered a reputation for excellence, and we are able to assure clients of consistently exceptional service, not only in Hong Kong and China, but also in the country to or from which your belongings are moving.

The secret of our success? A company-wide commitment to quality and customer service driven from the top, leading edge technology, our partnership and, above all, a passion for people.