Sodamagic - Sparkling Water Machines & Co2 Refills

SodaMagic offers Sparkling Water Machines and CO2 Refills in Hong Kong.

Our products offer the following advantages:
1) Cost Savings: Save 80% of Sparkling Water cost
2) Environmental: Reduce Plastic Waste
3) Healthy & Refreshing: Drinking more water is good for the body
4) Convenience: No more carrying and storing heavy bottles

We offer CO2 Refills & Delivery Service in Hong Kong
We offer delivery services and deliver all throughout Hong Kong to your home, business or office address. We offer free Delivery on orders over HKD600. For any order below HKD600 we charge a delivery fee for HKD80.

Cylinder Exchange Community
We are proud to introduce this system into Hong Kong with the aim to limit the environmental pollution. Many other countries have in place a deposit system / deposit return scheme, most commonly used for beverage containers etc.