The Body Shop - Landmark

The Body Shop International PLC is a values-driven, high-quality skin and hair care retailer operating in 49 countries with over 1,700 outlets spanning 24 languages and 12 time zones. Famous for creating a niche market sector for naturally-inspired skin and hair care products, The Body Shop introduced a generation of consumers to the benefits of a wide range of best sellers from Vitamin E Moisture Cream to Tea Tree Oil range, from Banana Nourishing Shampoo to Aloe Vera Body Lotion. It is estimated that in 1998/99 The Body Shop sold a product every 0.4 seconds with over 84 million customers transactions through stores worldwide, with customers sampling the current range of over 600 products and more than 400 accessories. The Body Shop has always believed that business is primarily about human relationships. We believe that the more we listen to our stakeholders and involve them in decision-making, the better our business will run. In 1999 The Body Shop was voted the second most trusted brand in the UK by the Consumers Association. In Interbrand's last survey in 1997 it named The Body Shop as the 28th top brand in the world, the second in the retail sector. In a 1998 report, The Financial Times voted The Body Shop the 27th most respected company in the world.

Where we come from
The Body Shop was founded by entrepreneur Anita Roddick who in 1976 started retailing home-made naturally-inspired products with minimal packaging. The Body Shop rapidly evolved from one small shop in Brighton on the South Coast of England, with only around 25 hand-mixed products on sale, to a worldwide network of shops. Franchising allowed for rapid growth and international expansion as hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide bought into Roddick's vision. The company's campaigns against human rights abuses, in favour of animal and environmental protection and its commitment to challenge the stereotypes of beauty perpetuated by the cosmetics industry, have won the support of a generation of consumers. The company continues to lead the way for businesses to use their voice for social and environmental change.